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Nature Meets Creativity


Breathing natural creativity into fused glass designs

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Welcome to GlassRoot Studio

Fused glass gifts, cards and decorations,  handmade with care in the heart of the New Forest National Park for over 10 years.  

Every piece we create is totally unique, and goes on a unique journey from design all the way to being kiln fired at 800°c over 24 hours.

Take a look around, order something special, or get in touch about commissions or workshops.


Fused Glass Cards

Hanging Pictures


Glass Cards

Handmade fused glass gift cards.

A unique way to celebrate any occasion. Great for Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, thank you cards or for any other special occasion.  


Hanging Pictures

Beautifully arranged hanging glass displays to brighten your every day.

Hang them by the window and enjoy the light dancing through the glass, or gift one to someone special.

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